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vegeta's dilema chapter 4
outside of capsule corp goku and vegeta were discussing there dilema. the fresh air doing everything except helping his nausea
'so' goku ventured
'so? thats all you have to say?!!'
'what? i dont see what the big problem is'
'you dont see what the problem is kakarott?!!' vegta yelled his face a mass of fear and anger he grabbed gokus hand and placed it on his stomach, goku was confused he didnt understand what vegeta was trying to show him; what he was tring to achieve
seeing the uncomprehending look on gokus face vegeta frowned and pushed gokus hand away. he stared daggers at his mate. why couldnt kakarott sense the fear in his heart, vegeta could feel tears stinging the back of his eyes but he would not let them flow. he was a sayian and sayians did not show emotion! he began to feel a bubble of anger welling up in the pit of his stomach. sensing what was about to happen he pushed goku out of the way and flew past him, all goku could do was stare after his mate in wonder as he pondere
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vegetas dilema chapter 2
'oh my god, vegeta! goku what happened?'
'i.....i dont know bulma he....he just fainted' goku stammered placing the unconcious prince on the sofa, he looked down at his mate, close to tears oh no vegeta, whats happening to you?
vegeta was retching in his uncosious state, he looked like death, his usually bronze skin turned a pale grey as he retched again, goku was startled out of his thoughts by bulma placing a hand on his shoulder
' im ok'he glanced down noticing a needle in bulmas hand and he instantly backed away turning pale
bulma chuckled noticing the look on gokus face ' dont worry goku this isnt for you, im just gonna draw some blood to run some tests'
'whew' goku beathed a sigh of relif
they both moved over to vegeta's seeminly lifeles form bulma bent down and found vegeta's vein she was just about to stick the needle in when vegeta's eyes flew open and he knocked bulmas hand away with one swing. even in his present state he had enough power to overcome bulma, goku was
:iconxxmajinvegetaxx:XxmajinvegetaxX 4 4
vegeta's dilema chapter 6
They sat like that for a while, hugging, crooning. then Vegeta pulled away. He'd stopped crying but he still looked like death
'Vegeta please talk to me' Goku begged ' you are my mate, i want to help you. please tell me how'
Vegeta sat back and wrapped his hands around his knees as if protecting his unborn child 'Kakarott...I' he stopped for a moment . he knew what Goku wanted from him but he didnt know how. Expressing feelings was not his strong point, he didnt even know how, but he was sure that Goku would show him even if he didn't know it, just then he realised something
'I trust him' he whispered shit! he thought clapping his hands over his mouth
'You trust me?' Goku asked slightly disbeiving that he'd herd Vegeta correctly
Bollocks! what the hell do i do now?  he thought frantially trying to find a plausable explanantion  for his outburst, finding nothing he simply nodded
'Huh' Goku said stunned at the prince's words
Might as well go for broke he thought ' yes
:iconxxmajinvegetaxx:XxmajinvegetaxX 6 5
Teasing Part 2
For those who have read Part 1, I want to thank you very much for reading it.
Before you start reading this, we have a few rules. You will get horny or have some type of feeling of Piccolo in your mind. Again, this is a Rated R fanfic so you have been warned if you are under the age of 15 or 13. Lastly, make sure to comment and favorite this and tell me what you think.
Piccolo smirks. “You have no idea what I am going to do to you for the next few hours.”
You then kissed Piccolo while rubbing his skin. You never gave Piccolo a good compliment on his skin and you wondered if he would like it. You then decided to try it.
“You have a nice skin color. I like it very much. You are such a very handsome man. I am glad we found each other.” You said. What you didn’t know, was that another one of Piccolo’s weak spots was calling him handsome and complimenting his skin col
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